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12 Christmas Fitness Gifts That Every Gym-Goer Needs!

This post is my top twelve list of recommended Christmas Fitness Gifts.
Every item on this list I own and regularly use, which makes it easy for me to recommend them and they are ideal for any gym-goer even if they do not realise they need it yet!

These items are exceptional stocking fillers or great to add to the present pile under the tree, for any fitness lover or gym-goer you know. 

My top twelve fitness list for any gym-goer includes:

Keep reading to find out what they do and why you need them.

1) Cobra Grips Pro

Cobra Grips are the ultimate in lifting straps.
They are easy to attach and detach from the weight, comfortable, don’t over-assist and do not pull on the wrist.
To strengthen grip and forearms, you are better off not using lifting straps, but when it comes to strength training and hypertrophy, I believe cobra grips are a must, and I use them for any move where pulling from the ground is a must. 

The difference when using these grips on, for example, a deadlift is an extra thirty-plus kg.
The other significant benefit of using Cobra Grips is your forearm and grip are not working as hard which keeps them fresh, enabling you to lift more and having a positive knock-on effect on the rest of your workout.

Official cobra gripz - hand grips for the gym

Cobra Grips come in a male and female versions and a range of different colours and designs.
There are cheaper versions on the market, but I am a firm believer in buy cheap buy twice, and my Cobra Grips are as good as day one, and I have had them three years now.

2) Fat Gripz Original

If you haven’t tried fat bar lifting yet you really need to! But the problem is most gyms that I go to do not have fat bars, heck most gyms I go to you are lucky to get a bar at all, and that’s where fat grips come in.

Fat Gripz are small enough and easy to fit into your bag and designed to fit onto just about any bar including pull-up bars.
Fat Gripz adds some serious thickness to the bar forcing your grip and forearms to work harder thus helping you build some serious strength and are said to help increase muscle mass.

Official fat gripz - fat grips for the gym

If you want to improve your grip and forearm strength, Fat Gripz are a must!
Fat Gripz come, in different thicknesses, I use the original and find these perfect.
And like the Cobra Grips cheaper versions do exist on the market.

3) Dipping Belt

Dipping belts are another vital tool that I find most gyms just do not have, and if they do, you wouldn’t want to smell it.
Dipping belts are seriously cheap these days, and when it comes to brand it probably doesn’t matter which one you go for (I have the RDX one pictured here because that is the one I own)

Gym dipping belt for adding more weight to exercises.

These belts come in leather and polypropylene like the one in the image, and I prefer the polypropylene because I find them more comfortable and cheaper.
If you perform tricep dips or pull-ups in your training routine (and if you don’t you should), then a dipping belt is the next step.
They bring another dimension to these exercises by allowing you to add weight.

4) Half Gallon Jug

Water is a must in the gym and running out is a disaster.
I find these jugs/bottles the perfect size for the water quantity I consume during a workout.

Half gallon water jug

When you get into a routine of filling up the bottle before you head to the gym, you will never train without water again!

5) Black Resistance Band

I am sure you are aware by now that resistance bands come in a range of sizes, thicknesses and strengthens and that they are different colours which identify their strength. 

I always have a black resistance band in my bag just like the one displayed here, and I use this for my warmup, prep work at the start of my workouts. 

  • Band Pull a parts 
  • Shoulder external rotations 
  • Resistance band shoulder dislocations 

Are some of the mobility exercises I like to do pre-workout depending on the muscle group and type of workout I will be performing.

Black resistance band

I find the black band is the perfect resistance for pre-workout and mobility work, and you can always make it easier or harder by positioning your hands further apart or closer together. 

Find the colour that bests suit you and bring it with you to add to your workouts. 

6) Captains of Crush Grippers

Grip and forearm training/strength is often overlooked and ignored by many gym-goers but is vital for every lift you make using your arms, and if your primary discipline is strength training then grip and forearm strength is a must.
When you add lifting straps into the mix, there is even more reason to add specific grip and forearm training into your program which is why I have added the Fat Gripz and the Captain of Crush Grippers to the mix.

These Grippers are tough, durable and very effective (if you can use them) and if you cant, that is even more reason to build up your hand and arm strength.
Captain of Crush Grippers come in ten different strengths (resistance levels) my advice would be to start at the bottom and work your way up through them.

Captains of crush gripper set

These, in my opinion, are the best grippers on the market again there are many other cheaper solutions out there, and I have tried a lot of them, but when I found these grippers, all my other ones became obsolete.

7) Heavy Duty Wrist Straps

Wrist straps are on the list because, in my opinion, these are a must, especially if strength and hypertrophy are part of your program.
These are not lifting straps as in they do not assist lifting the weight directly, but they provide strength, stability and greater support which often enables you to go that little bit heavier.

Wrist wraps for weight for lifting

If you are lifting heavy, super setting or have multiple grip dominant lifts in your routine grab a pair of wrist straps and see just how much these inexpensive bits of kit can add to your training.

8) Head Harness For Lifting

Another body part that is completely overlooked that you can significantly benefit from training is your neck.
I love performing neck-specific training, I like to look of having a thicker neck, and I also see significant benefits to other muscle groups when I incorporate neck training into my routine.

Head harness for lifting weights with the neck

These harnesses are inexpensive, and brand doesn’t matter.
I am still trying the find which style has more benefits, but when starting off just purchasing any neck lifting harness and adding neck training to your routines will have great benefits.

9) Gymnastic Rings

This list is written in no particular order, but if it were these would be near the top.
The versatility of gymnastic rings, the fact that they are portable and the great benefits that come with callisthenics training, make these a must-have item on this list.
All you need is a beam branch or bar to strap these on, and you are up and running.

Set of gymnastic rings

There is a steep learning curve when it comes too using gymnastic rings (and I will be making programs and cheat sheets for these in the future) but with most everything in the gym, the only way to master them is to start using them and building up your technique, skill and strength on the rings.

10) Foam Roller

Recovery is an essential part of working out, and we can’t all afford to have regular massages or physio appointments, but there are other ways to aid with recovery and losen out our muscles and foam rolling is one of them.

Black foam roller

Most gyms nowadays do have foam rollers, but I always have one in the boot of my car and one at home as I often have moments when a muscle feels tight or knotted, and all it takes is a quick roll out to loosen them up again.

11) Ear Loop Headphones

If cardio or outside training is part of your routine or even in the gym these headphones are fabulous as they wrap around your ears, so they don’t keep popping out (which is so frustrating, believe me, I have been there.)

You can also get these in wireless versions which again add another benefit, especially when lifting weights as the cord becomes a big nuisance.

ear loop headphones. Best headphones for running

Wireless ones do make these a bit more pricey, but the long-term benefits make it worth it.
I mean, let’s face it music is a must and what powers me through all my workouts.

12) Dual Resistance Bands With Foot Loops

Ok so this item might seem a bit out of place on this list, but I really love these resistance bands as I like to train with a mixture of different styles and techniques and as much as I love strength training I also love low weight high reps and resistance band training.

Image of a woman using foot loop resistances bands and an image of the product next to her

These bands are very inexpensive, and by having the foot loop, the number of exercises you can do with them is immense.
They come in different resistance levels and believe me when used correctly, this unassuming bit of kit is extremely effective.

I Want Your Feedback!

I would love to know what your must gym acessories are? 

Do you use any from this list already?

If you have any questions about any of these please get in touch! Contact Me

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