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How Long Does A Body Transformation Take?

This is a question I get asked all the time and is very difficult to answer as there are so many variables that come into play.
It is like asking how long is a piece of string
In this post, I am going to look at these variables and try to give a rough outline of how long a Body Transformation Takes

I believe that anyone can dramatically transform their body in three months providing you are continuously working on and following an in-depth body transformation system or program.

It is possible to achieve results quicker but quick dramatic transformations often require extreme measures to elicit change.
A slower more gradual approach may be the best for a long-term sustainable transformation.

The results expected will vary on an individual basis.

So let’s go through the variables and help you to get an idea of what kind of timeline you are looking at…

1) Your Starting Point

We have to start at the start so to speak and your starting point is going to affect how long it will take you to achieve the results you are looking for.

When we say your starting point we talking about your

  • Body stats: Weight, body fat percentage, body part sizes etc
  • Current Health: Nutrition, water intake, sleeping patterns, fitness level, mobility etc
  • Lifestyle: Family, job, social life, free time, schedule etc
  • Mindset: Are you ready for change, are you determined to make a change do you know why you want to make this change, values etc
  • Goals: The extent of the transformation you want to make

It is only when we look at and consider all these starting factors we can start to understand how long a transformation might look for you.

2) Your Goals

So I just wanted to focus on your goals specifically as we are focused on our client’s goals and you can’t determine the length of the road ahead until you know your end destination.

Everyone’s goals are going to be different and how far you actually want and need to go on your body transformation journey is going to determine the length of the journey.

If your goals are SMART and they should be you will have already thought about measurability and making timely goals giving yourself an idea of the timeline involved.

But your goals in themselves may be time-specific for example you could have a goal like:

” I want to get in the best possible shape I can over the next year” 


” I will start to change my body and lifestyle slowly and sustainably for long-term growth, to install fitness and healthy ways of living into my life as a lifestyle and value system” 

And then based on my post: Setting Fitness Goals and Keeping Them you will dig down into what that looks like and start making short-term actions and milestones to achieve them.

3) The Speed You Want To Take

This is your journey and you have a say in how long you want to take.
Now, this comes with the caveat that there is a healthy and physically possible time restraint on the minimum amount of time it will take but you dont have to achieve your goals as quickly as possible.

Think of the tortoise and the hare some times the slow and steady approach will lead to greater rewards.

I have already said that I believe anyone can dramatically transform their body in three months but if you go all in and achieve that then what? What happens to these results after four months or five months if you have stopped after three.
Are you looking for a quick fix or long-term sustainable results?

4) Do You Have Any Underlying Conditions

There are several underlying conditions that while won’t stop you from transforming your body may make it more difficult and slow down your progress.

These can range from your fitness levels and mobility to having extremely high body fat or extremely low weight at all or recovering from injuries to physical illnesses.
In any of these cases, you need to be fully aware of the issue, what state you are at, are you medically certified to follow the program, your limitations (is there anything or things you can’t do), is there anything that can be added into the program to help you and realise that while this won’t stop you it will affect how long it will take you to see the results.

5) Your Outside Environment

When I refer to your outside environment here I am referring to anywhere and everywhere you are outside of the gym and program you are following.

You maybe be fully ready and primed to get stuck in and get the best results possible but your outside environment may start to hinder you and hold you back.

Where possible to need to create a healthy environment to help get the results you want and need.
This may be removing and eliminating distractions, removing yourself from certain social events or environments, saying no more or simply just explaining what you are trying to achieve to your nearest and dearest and getting them on board to support and help you.

It is entirely possible to start a body transformation and not change anything about your social or outside environment but just be aware that this may affect the time it will take you to see results.

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