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How Much Does A Body Transformation Cost?

So you may think that in this post I am going to quote you prices.. well I’m not!
But regardless if you use a coach/trainer, company or decided to go it alone there is going some initial cost to starting, continuing and maintaining your BodyTransformation

The cost of a body transformation is going to come down to the methods or services you use to transform your body.
Using a coach/trainer or company may have a higher initial upfront cost but the resources and systems they use have been tried and tested and will help to coach and guide you along your journey to streamline and speed up the process.

Going it alone may seem like the cheaper option but you have to consider the cost of a gym membership, equipment costs, tracking and monitoring equipment and any accessories you might need.
And while the financial cost may be lower maybe the biggest cost of going it alone is the time it takes to try and figure it all out and put it all together or the cost, both in money and time of starting and not finishing your transformation.

So let’s have a look at some of the items I recommend and other potential costs that might be involved…

Using a Coach/Trainer or Company Face to Face

If you are using a trainer, coach or company you will have a higher initial starting cost but everything should be included in that plan if its face to face you will usually receive: 

  1. Full training plan 
  2. Nutrition Plan
  3. Possibly (but not always) some sort of mindset guidance/plan
  4. Built-in progressions
  5. One to one training 
  6. Tracking is done for you as well as modifications implemented when needed
  7. All needed equiptment provided
  8. Electronic contact and support 

Using a Coach/Trainer or Company Online

If you are using a coach trainer or company for an online plan you will still need some of if not of the items below but your initial cost will be less and you will usually receive:

  1. Full training plan 
  2. Nutrition Plan
  3. Possibly (but not always) some sort of mindset guidance/plan
  4. Built-in progressions
  5. Electronic contact, check-ins and support

For both one to one and online training, the cost will be determined but who you chose for this service so do your research beforehand and try and chose by the trainers and plan that is right for you more than cost as with anything you usually get what you pay for but also you want to succeed because if you dont any money spent could be wasted.

Going It Alone

1) Equiptment needed Starting Off


Tracking Equiptment 

So I emphasised the benefit and the need to track and monitor as you go but if you are going it alone what equiptment and tools do you need to be to track effectively and what will benefit you to have.

To track weight you are going to need a weighing scale and I recommend a decent digital weighing scales that track weight ONLY

Scales these days seem to be able to track more and more but your main focuses starting off are going to be weight and body fat percentage and I have still to find a cost-effective scales that can track body fat accurately to make it usable. So if you are interested in paying a little bit more your better off paying for the accuracy of measuring body weight and keeping the scales for that alone. 

So how do we measure body fat percentage ourselves now this is slightly tricker as to get the most accurate readings you would need to get a DXA scan as buying the actual machine is not an option. 

Now I know a DXA scan in Ireland where I am based is around the €100 mark and I am recommending you to monitor your body fat once a month, if you can afford this, this will give you the best results but if you are looking for a cheaper option the best equiptment to use is a body fat callipers and if you are doing it yourself I recommend a digital body fat callipers for accuracy. 

You want to measure the same way and in the places each time and measure in each spot three times and use the average reading. 

Body Fat Calipers 
Click Here for the product

Digital Body Fat Calipers + Body Fat Tape 
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A picture of a body fat calipers, digital body fat calipers and a body fat measuring tape

I also recommend a Body Fat Tape and luckily the digital calliper link I am sharing above includes the best body fat tape for the job. 

This tape is for measuring certain parts of your body to fully track progress 

I will be writing a post on what you need to do and how to track your body when on a body transformation program.

The link will be here when I do.

I recommend MYFITNESSPAL for tracking your nutrition and the free version of this app when used correctly will do perfectly.

Just follow this post for guidance: How to use MYFITNESSPAL effectively for free 

You will also need a camera for body progress photos (which again I recommend you take once a month) and the camera on your mobile phone is perfect for these but you could benefit from a tripod or stand.

Check out: How To Take Progress Pictures 

2) Resistance Training Equiptment

As resistance training is going to be a big part of your body transformation you are going to need access to a gym or have the equiptment needed at home. 

If using a gym you will need to factor in the cost of the gym membership in your area 

If training at home there is a whole host of equiptment I could recommend but all that’s going to matter is you have the right equiptment for the training plan you are following. 

So in this case it is imperative to have or make the plan before you start and ensure you have everything needed before you do. 

Check out my posts: 

Best Home Setup for LiftingWeights at Home – For weight lifting equiptment 


Calisthenics The Best Way To Workout at Home – For bodyweight equiptment 

Various gym equipment

3) Accessories

There are some accessories I am also going to recommend regardless of whether you have a gym membership or workout at home. 

Now, these are not always mentioned or even recommended and you may not have thought of them – Lifting Straps

The resistance training part of your program is where you will be and should be using the most intensity and pushing it the hardest. 

And regardless of your fitness level, time in the gym or strength, one of the biggest barriers to getting the most out of your resistance training sessions is wrist, grip or forearm strength.

So to get the most out of your resistance training sessions you really should incorporate these.

There are two different types I recommend and I use and recommend both as one type will be better for certain exercises and the other for different exercises 

Wrist straps – For pressing, squats and any exercise heavy on the wrists
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Lifting straps – For as the name suggests more lifting/pulling type movements that are going to be testing your grip and forearm strength so – Deadlifts, rows and lunges for example 
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With the lifting straps, I recommend the cobra style straps for ease of use and functionality   

A picture of red and black lifting wrist wraps

Example image of lifting wrist wraps

Image of cobra grip lifting straps

Example image of cobra grip lifting straps

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