Fitness new years resolution ideas. Raising The Bar Fitness

Fitness New Year’s Resolution Ideas

In response to my last post, I had a number of emails and messages asking me for fitness new year’s resolution ideas and or fitness goal ideas.
So many that I have decided to create a follow on post with some ideas for you.

If you are reading this post first, I also suggest that you read my first post: How To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution.

Fitness new year’s resolution ideas and fitness goal ideas

Fitness New Year’s Resolution Ideas

  • Compete in a race of your choice for charity 
  • Eat more whole food 
  • Train more often 
  • Learn how to lift weights 
  • Move more 
  • Stop following a fad, quick fix, training plans, diet plans, teas and shakes etc.
  • Stop Smoking
  • Consume more water
  • Commit to a structured training plan/program
  • Join a team 
10 Fitness new year resolution ideas, infographic. Raising The Bar Fitness
10 Fitness new year resolution ideas, infographic. Raising The Bar Fitness

Short-Term Fitness Goal Ideas

  • Get 7-8 hours of sleep a night
  • Start working out three times a week 
  • Prepare your own food 
  • Run every morning
  • Find your WHY
  • Create a structured fitness and nutrition plan 
  • Write down your fitness goals (short, medium and long-term)
  • Hire a personal trainer
  • Start tracking your training and or nutrition.
  • Start to eliminate/reduce alcohol from your life. 
10 Short term fitness goal ideas, infographic. Raising The Bar Fitness
10 Short-term fitness goal ideas, infographic. Raising The Bar Fitness

Medium-Term Fitness Goal Ideas

  • Complete a 12 week + body transformation/ training program 
  • Meet your calorie and macro targets daily.
  • Run 10k 
  • Do fifty push-ups non-stop 
  • Do 20 full rep pull-ups non-stop 
  • Perform a muscle up 
  • Perform a non-assisted handstand walk
  • Enter a tough mudder 
  • Drop (your number here) dress sizes/jean sizes 
  • Increase all lifts by 15%
10 medium term fitness goal ideas, infographic. Raising The Bar Fitness
10 medium-term fitness goal ideas, infographic. Raising The Bar Fitness

Long-Term Fitness Goal Ideas

  • Compete in a powerlifting meet 
  • Enter a bodybuilding competition 
  • Have your first fight in either boxing, kickboxing or Thai boxing 
  • Lose five stone (or whatever figure you want)
  • Run in a marathon 
  • Enter an ironman 
  • Get great at callisthenics 
  • Hit a strength goal, i.e. 100kg bench press
  • Achieve (your number here) body fat per cent 
  • Add 10lbs of muscle 
10 long term fitness goal ideas, infographic. Raising The Bar Fitness
10 long-term fitness goal ideas, infographic. Raising The Bar Fitness

Let’s dive into each one in more detail 

Setting Yourself Up For Success

Whether its a fitness new year’s resolution or fitness goal the reason you’re setting them is to achieve the desired result; otherwise, there is absolutely no point. 

So you want to set yourself up for success from the start. 

Before deciding on your goals, you need to identify 

  • Precisely what it is you want to achieve
  • Why you want to achieve it
  • What your priorities are
  • Any time restraints 
  • Cost restraints 

Tailor your goals around these and tailor everything you do going forward around your goals. 

Fitness New Year’s Resolution Ideas

When it comes to fitness new year’s resolution ideas, I urge you to keep them to one resolution per year.

Keep them clear and precise and give them a structure using the points I outlined in: How To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolution.

silhouette of man with sparkler in front of large colorful firework display

1) Compete in a race of your choice for charity

Instead of just making a fitness new year’s resolution to run a marathon or compete in a race, do it for charity. 

But adding in this extra dynamic, you are setting yourself up for sucess for the following reasons

  • It becomes less self-centred and is not just about you anymore. 
  • You have to preregister and collect sponsorships which means you have to announce it, reach out to people and spread the word which in turn creates accountability and also creates support groups. 
  • Once you announce it, you are pretty much committed. There is no going back now! 
  • The amount of training and pre-work and training you put in is going to be the same, but with the new commitment comes extra determination which will supercharge your training and push you through. 

2) Eat More Whole Food!

Instead of making a massive nutrition commitment that is overwhelming, like eating 100% healthy and eliminating all the foods you know you shouldn’t be eating in one go, just pick one aspect of your nutrition.
The aspect that you know you’re the worst at or the one that will have the most benefit.
Committing to eating more whole foods alone will have a dramatic effect on your health, fitness and well being.

Remember to define excatly what eating more whole foods will look like so you know you are progressing and know what success looks like for you.

Straw basket of fresh, nutritious, colorful vegetables

3) Train More Often!

This sounds very vague, but that’s because this will be different for each person depending on different variables, i.e. starting situation.

Committing to training more often may mean going from no training to three times a week or taking your training from three times a week to five.

This are just ideas to inspire you so change this to whatever more often means to you make the resolution more specific based on your situation.

4) Learn How To Lift Weights!

This ties into the last resolution.
Many non-trainers make a new year resolution to “go to the gym” or “get fit”, but they don’t know how to lift weights, how to get fit, what way to train, what they should be doing or even what they need to do.

People tend to jump two steps ahead, which usually ends in taking four steps back (or even worse injury.) 
If this is you, make a resolution to learn how to lift weights or learn what is involved in getting fit first.
Get help, hire a personal trainer, read my blogs or reach out to me.

Point being, break down what it is you want and start at the very start perfect that and then build it up as you go.
Aim for a little better, not perfect!

5) Move More!

Yes! This resolution is different from train more. 

What I am referring to here is NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis) while “train more” refers to whatever specific training you are doing, NEAT refers everything else we do (activity wise) that aids our well being, health and fitness. 

Make the conscious decision to move more in everyday life this may be: 

  • Getting up and walking every three hours if you work at a desk.
  • Leaving the car at home and walking or cycling instead of driving. 
  • Parking further away from destinations to get more steps in.
  • Getting in a walk on lunch breaks #lunchtimelap
  • Dance more 
  • Taking the stairs as opposed to an elevator or escalator

Whatever you can do, and add into your day to move more.

Remember, as a general goal; you should be aiming for thirty minutes of light aerobic activity a day regardless of training. 

Man outside walking along a wall in front of lake

6) Stop following fads, quick fix-training plans, diet plans, teas and
shakes etc.

There is no quick fix, magic pill or shake that is going to get you the results fast and easy. 

Even if you get quick results from any of these methods, easy come easy go. The results are usually un-sustainable un-healthy and go as quickly as they come, plus the negative bounce back. 

Eliminating these schemes from your life will not only help you focus on the healthy and sustainable ways to create the life you want but will also save you money and heartache in the long term 

7) Stop Smoking!

I can honestly say that over the past five years (and for the first time in my life) I know more people that don’t smoke than do.
Which is a remarkable progression especially as it is at a 7:3 ratio in favour of non-smokers

The fact is that smoking is about the worst, pointless and expensive habit you can have.
Now don’t get me young there was a stage when I smoked, and it was one the best things I ever did, giving them up.

The effect that binning the cigs will have on your health, skin, lungs and life, in general, will surprise you!

No smoking sign on a subway train

8) Consume more water!

Almost everyone I work with is not drinking enough water!

If you are not fully hydrated daily, this can lead to a drop in mood, attention, memory and motor coordination.
Concentration and physical performance are also affected, and if you are prone to headaches, a lack of water may be the cause.

The average adult needs to consume 2 liters of water a day minimum, and if you’re physically active and train regularly, that number needs to go up accordingly.

If you know you don’t drink enough water, then make the resolution to at least hit that minimum daily.

9) Commit to a structured training plan/program!

Do you go to the gym and go through the motions?
Are you using the same training plan you got given two years ago?
Or do you attend a gym regularly and wonder why you’re not progressing, not getting the results you want and feel demotivated.
The chances are you are not following a structured training program with progressions.

If you are in this situation, the absolute best thing you can do to transform your fitness and nutrition is to seek out and start using a tailored, structured fitness and nutrition plan.
Your plan should include progressions, adapt as you do and continuously be challenging yourself.

Making this one chance could transform everything for you.
If you need a plan, please let me know.

Read: You Need A Plan!

10) Join a team!

Maybe training on your own isn’t the best option for you; maybe you don’t even realise it.
If every year you are making fitness resolutions only to fall flat at the end of the year, try mixing it up by trying a sport or team activity.

Straight away by joining a team, you have created a support group.
You have a responsibility to the team, not only yourself.
You will be with a group of people that share the same interest.

If like me your the competitive type team games and sports will bring out that competitive nature and push you further then you could push yourself. 
And you could end up making friends for life

Girls sports team all hugging and celebrating

Challenge Yourself!

Fitness new year’s resolutions and fitness goals are also dependant on your starting position.
When it comes to goals, you want to always create realistic goals, but they also need to be challenging and even a little scary.

Make this year your best year yet!

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