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How To Stick To Your Fitness New Year’s Resolution

Its January a positive time of year, a new beginning and a time to start as we mean to go on.
In January we all make new year’s resolutions with the best intentions, in the hope of making a better version of ourselves, changing things we are not happy about or just to have a better new year.

But very few people can carry their resolutions out fully!
We have all been there myself included
But this does not need to be the case; there are specific steps you can take to ensure you stick to your fitness new year’s resolution.

That was the overview now let’s break that down to set you up for success

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What Are New Year’s Resolution’s And Goal’s?

According to powered by Oxford:

Resolution definition: A firm decision to do something or not to do something 
‘a New Year’s resolution.’

Goal Definition: The object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.
he achieved his goal of becoming King of England.’

So by definition, a resolution is a firm decision, it is definite and rigid, and once you set it, you need to stick to it. 

Whereas a goal is an aim or desired result. 
It is an outcome it requires intention and takes planning, preparation and realistic action to achieve!

New Year’s Resolution Stats

When it comes to resolutions, the stats are firmly stacked against us. 

  1. According to the Association of Psychology Newfoundland and Labrador, studies suggest 80% of people will fail at their New Year’s resolutions by mid-February.
  2. 43% of people expect to give up in the first month 
  3. Most new years resolutions fail in six weeks on average as can be seen by gym-goers numbers in January compared to February 
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Why do New Year’s Resolutions Fail?

So why do new year’s resolutions fail and if they do why do so many of us still insist on making them 

1) We feel obliged to – everyone is doing it!

Making new years resolutions is the done thing everyone does it everyone is doing it, and therefore people feel required to do it or just feel that they should I mean it helps right?

The problem with this is if we truly don’t want to something, especially a new years resolution, which is a definite intent. The chances are we won’t fully commit and follow-through. 

2) The Novelty Quickly Wears off!

 Even if we want to set a new year’s resolution and make a change, we are all hyped for it in January especially after overindulging in December and feeling out of routine and reflecting on the past year. 

But as we progress through January get back to routine, back to reality and life evolves by the time February rolls around we are not half as focused or determined and by the time Valentines hits the resolution hype has died off and are priorities shift, and the novelty has well and truly has worn off  

3) Unrealistic are expectations are too high!

Remember a resolution is a definite decision we either do it, or we don’t, as a result, for a resolution to be successful we need to choose to do or not to do something realistic, and we can actually stick to!

Making a new year’s resolution to lose five stone in the year is not realistic if you have failed that resolution for the previous five years. Also losing five stone is a goal, not a resolution as you can’t just decide to lose five stone it is an aim or desired result and a lot goes into achieving it. 

4) Resolutions although definite are usually vague!

 A resolution is a firm decision to do something, so if a resolution is truly something you want to set/make, then you need to make a firm decision to do it and stick to it. 

But how will you know that you have been successful? 
Is this resolution for life? 
Do you believe you can do it? 
Do you know, truly know WHY you want to do it?
What will it mean or how will it affect you if you fail?

5) Lack of Will Power!

 It is all well and good to make a new year’s resolution but do you have the metal, and the will power to follow through and stick to it?

Are you approaching this half-arsed, because you feel obliged to or do you already know you are not going to follow through before you begin?

If you feel that you are not determined enough or don’t have the will and desire to follow through then maybe your resolution should be not to make resolutions or make a goal to work on and improve your will power before you try again (work on your weaknesses)

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What Is The Result Of Failing?

Most people approach their resolution with a very laissez-faire attitude, I mean if you fail, so what! Life goes on, right?

Well, this is not the case and creating a new year resolution, and failing can have a negative effect or your self-confidence, will power, self-belief, motivation and undermine your belief that you can follow through on anything.

You are making a firm decision to yourself that you’re going to do something and then not doing it! Not to mention the pressure and mental and physical drainers you are putting on your self to try and achieve it in the first place.

Not making one is better for you and more relaxing than making one and failing.

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How Do We Stick To Our New Year’s Fitness Resolution?

Which brings us to what you came here for: You made your resolution for a reason!

You are determined and committed to yourself and this resolution.
Committed that you are going to follow through no matter what!

So how do you stick to it? 

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1) Don’t make a resolution!

It may sound counter-intuitive, but a fitness new year’s resolution may be too restrictive or your just not ready to make to one and that’s ok.

Don’t feel obliged to make one, you don’t have to, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t!

When I look at or talk to people about their Fitness New Year’s Resolutions, the first thing I notice is that people set goals and not resolutions. 
They believe that they are one and the same and somewhere along the way the lines have been blurred. 

I also find that the pressure people apply to themselves when it is a fitness new year’s resolution as opposed to a goal is dramatically higher it feels more definite and serious. 

When it comes to fitness and fitness new year’s resolutions, I believe that you shouldn’t make a fitness new year’s resolution you should make new year fitness goals instead. 
There is a, specific achievement, a structured approach, they change as you progress and are easier to manage. 

To create your fitness goals check out: Setting Fitness Goals and Keeping Them (Free PDF)

2) Know you’re WHY!

I have said it before, and I will keep saying knowing, WHY you do anything and more than that but digging down deep and understanding what is attached to that WHY emotionally will supercharge any desire you have. 

This is a post in itself. To understand what is involved in knowing your WHY read: Know Your Fitness Why with PDF Worksheet

3) Get organised! 

Now that you know what success looks like and you have a structured plan, you need to get organised. 
What do you need to implement, change, purchase, eliminate or apply to set yourself up for success? 

You can’t just make a fitness resolution and expect yourself to stick to it! (that is madness). 

I mean this is something you want to change because up to now you haven’t been able to there are going to be other things you need to put in place to make this resolution a reality. 

Why not combine goals with your resolution. Build a foundation for your resolution by creating several short-term goals along the way that will ensure your resolution succeeds. 

Again check out: Setting Fitness Goals and Keeping Them (Free PDF)

4) Give your resolution structure!

If you have got this far and you know you want to set a resolution, and you know WHY you want to set this fitness resolution then giving it structure is the next step to ensuring success. 

You need to know what it will look like when you succeed. 
Visualise it, determine what success means, give it an end date and create a plan. 

Changing anything does not happen overnight, and there are always different steps and processes involved map them out and create a structured plan.

For more help on creating a structured plan check out: You Need A Body Transformation Plan

5) Make it Performance Not Image-Based!

I hate to admit it, but Fitness new year’s resolutions are, in essence, selfish!
Nine times out of ten they are appearance-based and even when they’re not it is usually the end result and if that’s what you want that is fine. The big problem I see with this is people’s perception of what is achievable, and how they can actually look and the time scales involved are completely skewed, and that is an overall issue in the fitness industry these days!

The result is that it makes image resolutions, goals and perceptions unrealistic and unachievable, to the extent that they are demoralising and damaging. 

Whether it is a fitness resolution or fitness goal, you are setting make it performance-based or nutrition-based your appearance/image should be a welcome side effect of the journey, not the destination. 

For example, if you change your lifestyle from unfit and unhealthy to fit and healthy, you are automatically going to look better and be happier. 

6) Create accountability! 

You do not have to go it alone, and in fact, to stick to your fitness new year’s resolution, you shouldn’t go it alone. 

Make yourself accountable by telling people your fitness new year’s resolution. 

Put it out there, or join a group of individuals who are all on the same path or have similar resolutions and create a support group. 

It is proven that making yourself accountable or working in a group can make you more than 65% more likely to succeed. 

If you need extra support enlist the help of an experienced personal trainer or you can contact me, and I will do everything I can to help you succeed. 

7) Give it time to make it stick!

You don’t need me to tell you that making a change takes changes and that nothing is going to happen overnight. 

It takes on average 66 days to create a habit; this is going to take time and effort, and a new habit is exactly what you need to create.

At this stage, you know you’re why you have created a plan, and you are organised all you have to do is stick to it and give it the time it needs. 

8) Aim for a little better not perfect!

Yes a resolution is a firm decision, and if you are going to make it then you need to do it and follow through, but that doesn’t mean that you have to be perfect (no one is). 

Allow yourself to work it out and to get a little better step by step. 

Read: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff 

9) Congratulate yourself!

You are creating a resolution because there is something you want to achieve, and you now know WHY! 

Every little step you take on the way to success is a milestone that needs to be congratulated. 

Even if it is just a case of acknowledging it and feeling proud, the most critical part is actually to recognise everything you are accomplishing. 

Remember 80% will fail but not you, you are going to make this stick and congratulate yourself along the way.  

10) Stay focused – Don’t give up!

To achieve anything, you need to remain focused. 
Focus on what needs to be done. 

Visualise the result as if you have already achieved it.
Create a plan and write it down. 
Create accountability, build a support group 
Know your WHY these are all steps that will help you stick to your fitness new year’s resolution, but they are also all methods of staying tunnelled visioned and focused. 

Do whatever it takes, or whatever works for you to keep your eyes on the prize but above all, until you have stuck to your resolution and achieved success keep focused, follow the plan and do not give up until you do! 

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Trainers Conclusion!

As I have already mentioned, when it comes to fitness and new year’s resolutions, I believe that fitness goals are a much better way to go.

I do make new years resolutions but when I do I try to make them small, definite, achievable and selfless. 

I find that fitness-based resolutions/goals have too many variables, are also fluid, need to adapt as you progress and cause to much pressure are just too overwhelming when made into “resolutions.” 

New Year’s Resolutions to me are: 

  1. Adopt a rescue dog 
  2. Donate blood 
  3. Join the coast guards 
  4. Volunteer 
  5. Help as many people as possible achieve their fitness goals 


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