Raising The Bar was originally set up at the end of 2015 by personal trainer Finbar Harte.
Raising The Bar aims to create a coaching environment for people to train where they felt safe and comfortable but also to offer them an exclusive one to one service that is 100% focused on them, their goals, achieving them and create the most effective personal training experience possible.
Raising The Bar uses a three pronged training approaching focusing on mindset, nutrition and training to help you overcome obstacles, create new healthy habits and get the best body transformation results possible.
Raising The Bar specialises in one to one personal training, online coaching, and offers a unique, personalised approach that allows members to learn, grow, and to thrive. 


Raising The Bar is on a mission
A mission to help people to live a happy, longer, healthier and fitter life
By realising their bodies full potential through clean eating and physical activity.

We want to provide you with the knowledge, support and guidance that you need, to transform your body
and achieve your health and fitness goals.

We want to put the "health" back into the health and fitness industry.

By assessing, listening, observing, training, teaching and adapting together we can help you achieve your health and fitness goals.


Why Personal Training?


  1. Have fitness/body goals you want to achieve but do not know where to start?
  2. Get bored of going to the gym and doing the same old routine over and over again?
  3. Go to the gym and feel you cant get the most of your workout as the equipment is in use or people are resting on it?
  4. Go to a gym and just felt intimidated by fitter, stronger people or people just staring at you?
  5. Go to a gym and felt unhelped or intimidated by machines you didn’t know how to use?
  6. Feel like you saw results at the start but now you cant seem to get them?
  7. Feel like you need a challenge
  8. Skip the gym because you didn’t feel like it and had no one to motivate you to go

Personal Training is the answer to all of these problems and so much more.
Imagine having your very own trainer, who can motivate, guide you, offer nutritional advice and push you past your comfort zones to reach and exceed your fitness goals.
When you train at Raising The Bar thats exactly what you get, Finbar Harte is fully committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals.
All you need is 100% commitment and dedication to make a change and I will do the rest.


The Raising The Bar Fitness System is a unique fitness system designed by personal trainer Finbar Harte
The system provides you with a custom program personalised to you.
It is designed to give you all the tools you need to succeed.
It enables you to track and monitor all aspects of your body’s progress during your time with Raising The Bar
The system provides you with facts and figures to enable you to see at a glance exactly how your body and strength is adapting and changing.
Giving you the information, tools and the motivation you need to achieve your fitness goals.
With adaptions as needed and weekly check-ins Raising The Bar gives you the support and accountability you need


Online Coaching at Raising The Bar provides you with a personalised training, nutrition and mindest plan plan based on your goals,
lifestyle and your starting place.
By tracking as you go your coach will be able to see excatly how you you are progressing so they can you give you the best feedback possible
Your coach will be with you every step of the way giving the support and accountability you need

Online coaching gives you all the tools you need to succeed.


Raise The Bar Online is the Raising The Bar online coaching program to help you transform your body and establish great training, nutrition and mindset routines.
Your program will be completely custom made to you based on our in depth questionnaire to ensure the best result possible. This program is created to ensure everything:

  • Is specific to you 
  • As easy as possible to follow
  • So you receive the best coaching and mentorship possible 
  • Ensuring the best result possible
As a result places on this program are limited and we only except clients that are ready, determined and prepared to follow the program step by step.


The all in one, online training solution

App Features

  • Personalised online training plan
  • Track Stats and workouts
  • In-app messaging with your coach
  • Workouts with videos and instructions
  • Follow your progress
  • Connect anywhere, anytime
  • Sync to MyFitnessPal
  • Updates as needed




This is an ongoing incentive open to everyone following Raise The Bar Online.
Every 12 weeks I will be choosing the best body transformation over a 12 week period based on progress pictures and win either:

A free 12 week program.
A full refund for the program


  1. Subscribe to any 12 week program 
  2. Submit starting body pictures 
  3. Follow the plan/program 100% and smash it
  4. Submit body pictures at the end of the 12 weeks