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Refund Policy

Due to the nature of online training once your details and payment has been received we will start working on it.

Online Coaching: You are only able to cancel your plan in the period before it has been sent to you. As we will start work on these customised plans as soon as we receive your details there is a cancellation charge of €50 on all online coaching plans. 

Stand Alone Programs & Nutrition Bible: As they are pre-designed programs you can cancel your program only until it has been sent to you. Once the plan has been sent there is no way to return it as you will have access to all the information contained in the plan/program.

Once any plan or program has been sent you will be unable to receive a refund!


Due to the nature of online training results are based on the amount of effort and determination you put in to following our programs 

We are not able to financially guarantee results as just receiving the plan dose not equal results but we can assure you that if you follow these plans exactly as they laid out (nutrition & training) you will get great results.

Results will vary from person to person, results are based on lifestyle and individual circumstances, time scales for results cannot be guaranteed.

Results require hard work, will power, perseverance and patience.

But we can guarantee we will do everything in our power to help you reach your goal while training with Raising The Bar

Raising The Bar Training App

The Raising The Bar training app is availible on all desktops and mobile devices.

The Raising The Bar training app like all mobile apps requires an adequate operating system and good internet connection to run on mobile devices.

If the app is not working efficiently we will do our best to trouble shoot the issue with you, if the problem is down to an inadequate operating system this will need to be updated in some cases this may require a more powerful phone. If the issue is due to poor internet connection than that is an issue you will have to take up with the internet provider.

If any client is unable to use the app or dose not have a mobile phone they can still avail of the coaching system. The plans will be submitted to them as a PDF.

12 Week Progress Picture Incentive

Starting 01/10/2018

For this incentive the best transformation photos every 12 weeks will receive a free 12 week training program 

  1. Photos must be submitted as outlined in the recieved documentation. 1 x side view, 1 x back view and 1 x front view 
  2. Only clients that submit before and after photos are eligable to the incentive
  3. The before and after pictures must have been taken no more than 3 days before and  no more than 3 days after the start and end date of the program 
  4.  Raising the bar will determine the winner from successful applicants and our decision is final.
  5. If you purchase 2 x 6 week programs back to back unfortunately you still cannot enter this incentive
  6. All photos will be property of raising the bar and allowed to use for marketing purposes