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What Is Body Transformation?

As you become more familiar with me and Raising The Bar Fitness you will see and notice I refer to “Body Transformation” a lot but what is body transformation and what do I mean when I refer to body transformation…

Body Transformation is the process of becoming aware of, working on and implementing changes to your mindset and habits regarding resistance training, fitness, nutrition and daily routines based on your personal goals and values.
To achieve a marked change in your fitness, health and physical appearance  

This sounds straight forward but there is a lot more involved.
But dont worry, I am going to break this down as much as possible in the rest of this post.

The Official Definition

I am sure we all know what body means so let’s just have a quick look at the official definitions of “Transformation”.

A quick search on Google of “Transformation definition” tells us that Transformation is  
“a marked change in form, nature, or appearance.”

and the Cambridge Dictionary describes “Transformation” as 
“a complete change in the appearance or character of something or someone, especially so that that thing or person is improved”

now personally I dont like the last part of this definition but the American version of the dictionary just states
“a complete change in the appearance or character of something or someone”

Can Everybody Transform Their Body?

Yes, I firmly believe that anyone can change and transform their bodies but the truth is it isn’t easy (like they say) “if it was everyone would do it” and everyone would look exactly how they want to.

It takes a lot of hard work (change is never easy) there will be ups and downs and you will have to come head to head and challenge yourself on many occasions.
But there are more opportunities, resources and people willing and wanting to help you than ever before.

Here at Raising The Bar we are constantly creating and adding more content and services specifically tailored to helping everyday people level up and transform their bodies

The only person that can stop you from transforming your body is yourself.

Body Transformation Is Subjective

Now we also have to consider that Body Transformation is subjective and different to people on an individual basis. 

For one person a body transformation may mean losing 20kg fat for another it may be gaining 5 kgs of muscle or both and for someone else toning up and losing 2kg of fat may be life-changing. 

Like all training and coaching here at Raising The Bar, everything we do is goal specific on an individual basis 

You Need To Be Fully Aware Of What Is Involved

This is the first of many posts I will be writing in Body Transformation but just to give you a bit of an overview and hit some key points a body transformation includes that you may not have considered as the biggest reason for people not succeeding or even worse giving up, is unrealistic expectations and not being fully aware of exactly what is involved.

You have to want to change and have an extremely strong understanding of exactly WHY you want to change. 

You also need to understand and literally visualise exactly what that change looks like to you.

Before you even step into a gym or start altering your diet you have to get your mindset into the right place and prepare yourself for change. 

You also need to find the right program that works for you based on your lifestyle, time constraints, interests and starting place. 

There are a lot of different programs out there and to be fair the majority of them work but the more important question is do they work for you? 

The good news is here at Raising The Bar we help you with all of the above.

How Long Does A Transformation Last?

For something to be truly transformational, it needs to be permanent or at the very least not temporary.

There is no one answer to this question as it is going to differ from person to person but if you can turn your goals into values and once your lifestyle your health choices your fitness choices and your culture of wellbeing are matched by those values they are yours forever.

Is Body Transformation Superficial?

Some people would say and try and have you believe that body transformation is superficial and that there is something negative about it but a true body transformation is a thing it is a process with many different elements and the physical change that they are usually referring to is just one of many results of the process in its entirety and there is nothing negative about it. 

I dont know one person that doesn’t want to change something about themselves and from my experience, the physical result is usually what the majority of people that contact me believe they are looking for but there is always a lot more involved when we start to dig down in the consultation period. 

Body Transformation has to be and should be more than losing weight and looking better for a truly transformational (long-lasting) transformation you have to adopt what you are doing as life values

The Negative effect of Marketing and Media

Unfourtantly when it comes to body transformation we have to look at fitness marketing, the reach and the portrayal of it on social media.

Now dont get me wrong everyone and anyone who successfully transforms their body should be celebrated and commended I love and use social media, create content and market my business but what I want to discuss here is the unrealistic portrayal of what a body transformation should look like what is achievable and what is realistic.


As humans, we are inherently looking for the easiest and quickest way to achieve anything, especially results that require hard work and marketers understand this and exploit it. 

By marketing many workout programs, diets, transformation programs etc as getting quick results, ie “6-week shred” or being the missing secret to achieving results “fat burners” or the easy approach to transforming your body “eat what you want and lose fat by training just 12 minutes a day”.

The truth is there are no quick fixes and shortcuts to getting results and nothing good comes quickly. 

Telling it how it is, doesn’t help me to market our services but it does help me to give you realistic expectations and in turn help you get the best and most long-lasting transformation possible.

Social Media

If you look at any trending fitness hashtag it can be very demotivating even ones like #fitnessmotivation as you will see image after image of extremely ripped, muscly fit looking men and women usually in the peak of their physics and in their prime all utilising the best lighting, angles and image touchup and editing software to enhance the images so they look as good as they possibly can. 

But this just isn’t realistic and gives us a false sense of perception of what can be achieved and when you throw fake natties into the mix, reality becomes warped. 

As a result, when people think of body transformation they start to imagine going from 50 pounds overweight to looking like a greek god a transformation doesn’t have to be this extreme.

Here at Raising the Bar, I preach about eliminating limitations as they arise, you need to have and keep realistic expectations and if something is demoralising you and distracting you eliminate it and keep the focus on and about you!



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